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All About Me

Call me Mrs. Gagner, if you please. My pronouns are she/her. I am the lead learner in The Gagner Gang, a premier grade six community located in Room D-12!
I have been teaching for about 12 years and started my career at BES as a Literacy paraprofessional... in the classroom where I teach now! In addition to my elementary teaching license, I have a PK-12 Literacy endorsement, a Master of Educational Leadership, and a Master of Education in Literacy. I am also a 200-hour certified yoga teacher and social-emotional learning facilitator. My husband and I live in Starksboro with our dogs (Willow and Rainbow, a.k.a "Rey"), cat (Ace), sheep (Prince Charming Charlie), and chickens (The Peckies). We like to camp, eat yummy food, watch good movies, drive to fun places, travel farther when we can, and spend time on the front porch in the summer or in front of the woodstove in the winter.
It's an absolute and daily joy to work with the inimitable Heather Estey as my teammate, as it was in her 5/6 classroom--many years ago--where I learned to be a teacher. Those students are now in their mid-twenties, but thankfully Mrs. Estey and I haven't aged a day! As the integrated ELA, Social Studies, and Science teacher for the awesome Sixth Grade D-Wing D-ream Team, I facilitate explorations of super-engaging topics including citizenship and participation, watershed ecology, human interactions with the environment, global trade, and much more, all through the lens of mastering speaking, writing, and reading our language. Add a dash of mindfulness, theater, adventures, and fun, and you've got yourself a fantastic final year as a BES Bobcat!